Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rob: Clouds

Clouds are incredible. Really and truly amazing.

There is very little not to like about clouds. They provide shade from the sun, rain for the earth and most importantly, something interesting to break up the sky.

Clouds are mother nature's emoji.

When skies darken and grey clouds emerge, it's mother nature's frowny face. Clouds are a direct reflection of the earth's emotion.

Clouds are universally loved by all kids.

Children delight in the joy of searching out fresh new discoveries in the clouds above. They see the shapes, objects, animals and people beyond an adult's scope of imagination.

Clouds become the imaginary actors in an outdoor adventure movie.

Knights fight dragons and angry ogres. Mermaids and superheroes drive race cars through magical kingdoms to save elephants or giraffes from villains of all sorts.

Clouds, not eyes, are the window into the soul of children.

The pictures, people or scenes that children draw from clouds are their way of articulating the thoughts and feelings that could not otherwise come out.

Clouds bring fathers closer to daughters.

Clouds can start conversations that otherwise couldn't happen. They are a way of approaching an uncomfortable situation in a soft and fluffy manner.

Clouds are a cushion that softens the awkwardness of first dates.

When potential future spouses are unsure, unwilling or unable to find common ground, clouds can create a natural focal point to share feelings, hopes and desires.

Clouds create the perfect backdrop for family firsts, family seconds and family favorites.

Wedding pictures, first outing with baby, days at the zoo or a picnic in the park are all enhanced by a white, fluffy sky and just a hint of sun.

Clouds are the natural reflection of memories from long ago.

The face of a friend who's no longer around, the hazy shape of a childhood home or the car we learned to drive or shared a first kiss.

Clouds are an analogy to life itself.

Like you, clouds form and grow. They are mainly gentle, but can turn to storm clouds in an instant. Only to fade and be replaced by soft, white clouds again.

Clouds are incredible. Really and truly amazing.

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  1. That's really lovely Rob. It's so nice to watch the clouds go by & see different shapes - I like your emoji analogy :) #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thanks. I think I tend to be pretty eclectic in how I write and some days you just feel like writing about something light.

  2. That's really nice! I've always loved watching clouds on any given day, come rain or shine!

    1. Thanks Zoe and thanks for reading. I checked out your blog and plan to go back and read some more shortly.

  3. That's really nice! I've always loved watching clouds on any given day, come rain or shine!

  4. Great post. They really are fascinating. Children adore clouds! I love how my daughter's imagination runs wild when she spots shapes and beings. I love to watch them too #pocolo

    1. It's true. I get a real kick out of the kids in the car when they start to point out all the different things they see. It never ceases to amaze me how creative they are. Thanks for reading.

  5. My kids and I love looking for animals and shapes in the clouds - I'm going to be seeing emojis now, love it. #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks Rebecca. It is a lot of fun looking at the clouds and glad you enjoyed the post.