Thursday, August 13, 2015

Carews in Suburbia: Fall Preview

Tired of blog reruns?

Had enough of reading the typical Summer posts like: 10 Reasons to pack up the kids and head to the lake or 12 Inexpensive things to do this Summer?

Can't wait for the Fall blogging season to kick off?

Well wait no more! Presenting the Carews in Suburbia Fall Preview. An inside the white picket fences exclusive into what are guaranteed to be some of the season's hottest blog posts.

In terms of returning and the most anticipated blog topics, all the big cliffhangers are answered:

Will Laura and Rob tackle another renovation project?

Can Rob complete his half marathon without suffering a season ending injury?

Is it possible to escape suburbia again?

How many lists can Rob possibly create with seemingly insane and only vaguely connected points?

Will Rob continue to write oddly poetic blog posts about parenting and clouds or will he succumb to temptation and write in a more traditional manner?

To fill out an already action, packed series of blogs, Carews in Suburbia will also be introducing several new surefire hit blog concepts.

1. Up first is a five part series exploring the entire Blogosphere by "classification" and "sub-classification" of blogger. Each post will identify and describe the various characteristics of a class of bloggers and break down examples of the sub-classes. The highly anticipated first installment: The Blogger's Guide to the Blogosphere - Chapter 7: Parent Bloggers will kick off the Fall season line up this weekend.  

Spoiler Alert! - The Blogger's Guide to the Blogosphere series will also include an affiliated connection to five other great dad bloggers. Tune in to find out who.....

2. The Carews in Suburbia, Twitter and Instagram accounts have been awash with ponies, horses, barns and riding competitions for months. How exciting does a multi-media, horse themed blog campaign, integrating blog posts, Twitter and Instagram updates and culminating in the official launch of the Carews in Suburbia YouTube channel sound? The excitement is just electric.

3. Canadian Thanksgiving isn't just an opportunity to celebrate Fall and a few days off. Its fun, family and the unofficial launch of the long holiday season. Prepare yourself for multiple posts including an award winning (given to Rob by himself) turkey recipe, as well as tips and tricks to make your holidays happy, hearty and healthy without skimping on the fun.

4. Fall 2015 marks the dawning of a new era with Rob turning 40 in October. Will there be drama, a party or perhaps even the onset of a midlife crisis? Stay tuned and follow all the ups and downs in reaching this significant dad milestone.

5. A blossoming photography business, two children in school full time plus jobs and extra-curricular activities like hockey, riding and running. How can the Carew family find time to fit it all in and still write the quality blog posts that the followers of Carews in Suburbia have come to not only expect but demand? An introspective series will explore the challenges of  juggling work, family and fun.

That concludes the Carews in Suburbia Fall Preview. Make sure you tune in regularly, maybe even sign up for email alerts to ensure you don't miss a single action packed post!

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  1. Lots to look forward to Rob... Particularly the 40th 😱 Let the Fall blog posts commence... #pocolo

    1. So true. Apparently there is a party in the works! WooHoo.

  2. I'm 40 a year later, so it'll be interesting to see the approach and hitting of it from a bloke's point of view. Look forward to hearing what else you're all up to. #thelist

    1. To be honest, I'm okay with 40. I want to be in better shape but otherwise, I can't wait for the Fall. It's my favorite time of year.

  3. Fall? Surely you should be all over Christmas already?

    Looks good. I'll be back to check out the blogger's guide for sure!

    1. True. I am a bit late but I blame the marketing department. I'll see if I can be a bit more on top of the Spring line up. :)

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  4. It sounds like you have a lot planned for Autumn! We also have a lot planned including my husband's photography business and my blog, parenting, plus managing poor health etc etc. The list goes on... Time has flown and before we know it fall will be here and then gone! Thanks for linking up to #PositivelyPosted

    Angela from