Sunday, August 30, 2015

At it again...The never-ending renovation continues

All right, I confess; I'm completely and hopelessly addicted. I have a deep seeded compulsion and worse, my wife just keeps feeding my habit.

I am a habitual renovator with no hope of recovery. Granted, there are much worse things to have as a habit, but nevertheless, I am hooked.

In the more than 10 years that Laura and I have been together, we have bought and sold several homes. We have spent a significant amount of time, money and sweat equity transforming each one to suite our tastes.

Ironically, every time we've gotten to the point were there wasn't much left to finish, we promptly sold and moved on to the next house. 

Once we made the decision to have children, we knew that we wanted to put down roots and buy a house with sufficient size in a great family oriented location. We finally found the perfect place in the burbs with more than enough room for our growing family. 

The only problem: Besides its layout and location, we hated almost every single thing in the house. Looking back, I secretly think the fact that we would have to renovate from top to bottom actually helped sell us on the house.

Fast forward almost seven years and we've gutted/rebuilt the kitchen (twice), transformed the living room as well as completely redone the basement. Last month I wrote about finishing the bathroom in the basement and some of the challenges of Renovating with kids.

I always knew when I started writing this blog that I would want to incorporate our renovating habit and even hinted in my Fall Preview that we were contemplating a possible renovation project. I also mentioned that we were planning to launch a YouTube channel. 

This past weekend, both have come to pass, when we recorded and uploaded the first in a series of short episodes centred around our latest renovation project. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be attempting to remove the existing tile in our front hallway and replace with salvaged hardwood floors saved from last year's living room transformation. 

(The Plan)

Tonight, I'm sitting at the kitchen table writing this post, filthy and sore, but extremely satisfied because I'm getting my latest renovation fix.

Up next: Carnage and destruction - Renovation dismantle.

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  1. Renovating is great, it's good to have your home exactly as you want it :)
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