Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Reasons To Pack Up The Kids And Head To The Lake

I wrote a post on 12 Inexpensive Things To Do As A Family This Summer. We've managed to try most of them and while they have occupied our weekdays, we've been struggling as a family to keep busy on the weekends. Most of our friends tend to get out of the city during the summer and by Saturday afternoon, everyone in our house is moping around looking for something to do. Our girls are seven, four and not quite two, so what interests one does not necessarily entertain the others.

Last year we had a fantastic family getaway to New York City, but we don't want to spend a fortune on weekly excursions to exotic cities. We also tried camping and had an okay time. However, I'm just not sure that we're ready for the true wilderness experience.

Then, last weekend, we were lucky enough have friends let us borrow their beautiful cottage on the lake in the Gatineau hills for a few days.

I have wonderful, fond memories of spending time at the lake growing up. We would spend hours swimming in the lake, exploring and having adventures. My brother and I would walk to the tiny corner store to buy candy, then pick wild raspberries and eat them right from the bush. I can remember whiling away hours reading books and watching thunderstorms with my grandmother.

As for our first weekend at away at the lake; we had a really good time and while not without challenges, I'm convinced the kids had a lot of fun. I'm fully aware that not everyone can afford (us too) to buy one, but if you can, as a weekend, or even a full week or two, a lakeside getaway is a fantastic family experience.

10 Reasons To Pack Up The Kids And Head To The Lake

1. Unplug: Turn off the gadgets. Tune out the wifi and spend time together as a family.

2. Food: Going to the cottage means great meals and even better, having the time to eat them together.

3. Treats: Healthy or not, the choice is yours, but the cottage is the time to indulge in campfire snacks and afternoon treats.

(Petes de soeurs - literal translation is Nun's Farts but so good)

4. Water: Swimming, tubing and boating. Safety first, but the kind of fun the pool just can't compete with.

5. Nature: Discover new plants, insects and animals. Catch a fish or a butterfly and teach the kids.

6. Books: Action, thriller, even romance. Curl up beside the fire or on the porch with a dog eared novel and tune everything out.

7. Games: Scrabble, Monopoly, Cribbage, or Bridge. Many families have game night, but it's just a little extra special at the lake.

8. Exploring: Build a fort, find a hideout and play an actual game of hide and seek.

9: Weather: Sunshine and heat is great, but so are rainy days and watching beautiful sunsets on the dock.

10: Time: I'm not sure how, but time just seems to slow down at the cottage.

These are the memories and experiences that you just can't get anywhere but a cottage by the lake.

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  1. This looks like such a wonderful way to spend time, so perfectly relaxing.
    Life is crazy busy at the best of times, taking a step back is always good for the soul and recharging.

    1. It's very true and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I will admit I have a follow up post in draft called 5 Reasons Never To Take A Toddler To The Lake but let's save that for another day. Thanks for reading.