Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rob: Tales From A Toddler

While putting the children to bed last night, my four year old daughter decided she would rather tell me a story instead of the other way around. I was so impressed with her tale that I decided to draft a slightly more succinct version.

Princess Maddie and The Grumpher 

Once upon a time, in the land of Carewbia, there was a princess named Maddie. The princess Maddie had two sisters and each of the sisters lived in her own special kingdom. 

Princess Maddie's kingdom was called Bedroomy.  It was a magical place with mountains, deserts, hills and castles filled with all of Princess Maddie's special friends. But none of her friends were more special than her monkeys: Smushy Face, Squinty and Stinky.

 Each of the three princesses had magic powers like super speed or the ability to fly. Actually, the whole royal family had magic powers, including the king, who apparently had magic farting powers.

Unfortunately, in the kingdom of Bedroomy there also lived a mean monster named The Grumpher. The  Grumpher liked to scare and tease all Princess Maddie's special friends. One day, the mean old monster kidnapped Princess Maddie's special monkeys: Smushy Face, Squinty and Stinky. The Grumpher took the monkeys and hid them far away in his castle. 

When Princess Maddie realized that The Grumpher had taken the monkeys, she called her sisters to come from their own kingdoms and help her save the poor, unfortunate monkeys. Armed with magical "pewing" wands which could shoot rainbow curses, their own magical powers and their wits, the princesses set out to rescue the monkeys.

When The Grumpher saw all three of the princesses coming to save the monkeys, he got scared and started to cry. Then, he took the monkeys and ran away to hide in the Dirty Laundry Mountains.

The three princesses had to cross the Laminate Floor Desert, go over the Hills of Bunkbed and through the Caves of Lost Socks to get to the Dirty Laundry Mountains. 

Just as they were starting up the mountain, the princesses saw one of the monkeys poking his head out from behind a rolled up, pink shirt "boulder". They ran up and grabbed him before The Grumpher could do anything. Unfortunately, he got away with the other two monkeys.

Princess Maddie decided to send Squinty to stay with her younger sister who was getting really tired and needed to go home to her own Kingdom. The youngest princess was pretty young and chasing The Grumpher had tuckered her out.

The remaining princesses tracked The Grumpher through the Tunnel of Dangerous Dust Bunnies and around Dresser Summit back to his castle where he was holding Stinky and Smushy Face hostage.

Princess Maddie stepped up to the front of the castle and told The Grumpher in a very loud voice that he needed to give back the two remaining monkeys or else she and her sister would use their magical powers to turn his castle into a tiny dollhouse and him into a stuffed dragon.

The Grumpher huffed and puffed and then threw one of the monkeys right out of the window of the castle!  Luckily Princess Maddie's older sister could fly. So she flew right up and caught Smushy Face before he fell to the ground.

Princess Maddie asked her sister to keep Smushy Face safe in her own Kingdon while she dealt with The Grumpher and rescued the last monkey.

Princess Maddie turned towards the castle, scrunched up her face, pulled out her magical "pewing" wand and sent the most colourful, ginormous rainbow curse at The Grumpher's castle. POOF! The Grumpher was transformed into a stuffed dragon and his castle became a dollhouse.

Stinky was saved! Princess Maddie went back to her own castle in the Hills of Bunkbed to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow's adventures.

The End 

Isn't the imagination of children incredible. The stories that they tell are such a wonderful reflection of the days events brought to life but with magic, dragons and rainbows. Have your children reached a stage where they are able to tell you stories? If so, what are some of your tales?



  1. Oh what a lovely story! and your little girls looks so cute too with their princess costumes... My 5yr old started telling tales too but they're mostly from his dreams, lol. Great post! #bestandworst

    1. Thank you. It's great when the kids start telling these tales and my middle one has a real gift.

  2. Ahhh this is just so lovely! My 2 year old has just started getting in on the fairy and fairy tale thing so I'm looking forward to enjoying this stage too! #bestandworst


    1. Thank you and I'm glad you liked it. Our girls are obsessed with everything princess and super powers. I loved two but this stage is great too.

  3. Haha what a brilliant fun story, kids imaginations are so amazing, I love listening to my daughters tales.

    Thanks for linking to #dadpostoftheweek

    1. Thanks Ashley. It was pretty funny when she was telling it. Maybe not quite so coherent but funny. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Fantastic! We have some interesting tales from our 3 year old but they very rarely make sense at the moment but they can be quite amusing :-) Thanks so much for linking up to the #bestandworst and hope to see you again X

    1. My pleasure Helen. I liked a lot of the posts on the link and thank you for reading. It's really only been in the last couple of months that my 4 year old started telling actual stories. Before that it was actually a bit painful.