Friday, July 24, 2015

Rob: Little Hands and Little Feet

I have a fascination with little hands and little feet. 

When each of my three girls was born, I can clearly remember marveling at how tiny their little hands and feet were. Almost like a perfect, microscopic version of my own. 

Even now, years later, I can visualize holding each little finger in my hand during those long first nights together. Counting them. Inspecting them again and again as if to confirm their perfection.

I loved that feeling of each of my tiny, newborn girl's hands clenching my finger tightly while they slept. I don't know how many 3:00AMs I laid on the couch with a teeny little hand clutching my pinky or index finger.

I really do have a fascination with little hands and little feet. My girls are slightly older now, but compared to mine, they still have the tiniest of hands and feet.

I can't resist tickling the little one's little feet and watching her cackle with laughter and scamper across the room. Even when changing her diaper, I marvel at how her little feet kick and fuss. 

Sometimes I pick up a tiny shoe or sandal and just shake my head at how small they seem compared to mine.

There's something incredible about spying little footprints in the sand and I envy that my middle child refuses to wear shoes. "Dad" she says; "My toes just need to be free."  

Even my eldest still has tiny hands when compared to mine.  She took my hand the other day and I was struck by just how small her hand still was.  She might be the eldest but she's still my little girl whose tiny fingers used to clench my hand in the middle of the night.

I think I'll always have a fascination with little hands and little feet because they'll remind me of when my girls were so young. 


  1. I love this post :-)
    I have spent 23 years looking after over 200 babies and still can't get over the miracle of those tiny hands....I mean, look at the absolute perfection of the miniscule fingernails ! I also love the way the fingers are never still...I call them 'the everquesting fingers' always moving, stirring, reaching, as if they know there is a whole world waiting for them to explore and they are restless to get started.
    Nice to know someone else feels the same way :-) xxx

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I think you summarized my feelings perfectly. Thank you reading.