Monday, July 27, 2015

Rob: 15 Signs You've Become "The Runner"

So you started running. Maybe you loved it from the first day or perhaps you've been grinding it out.

Maybe you're not that fast, maybe you don't run that far and maybe you don't run in many races. Or maybe you're a natural. In my books, everyone who puts on the shoes and gets out the door is a runner. Running is running. 

However, for those who stick with it, over time, every runner I know, including me, slowly evolves from a runner into "The Runner." That person who talks incessantly about running, who plans family events and functions around running.  The one who automatically searches out fellow runners at parties and inevitably ends up talking about running.  

But how can you tell that you've morphed from someone who just likes running into an over-the-top, owns more tech t-shirts than regular t-shirts runner? How can you tell it's too late to turn back?

Signs You've Become  "The Runner":

1. You know what Nuun is and how many to take before, during and after a long run.

2. You know that it's not just breastfeeding mothers that have to worry about bloody nipples. (It's a thing.)

3. If your running buddy says they've got the chafe, you nod sympathetically and exchange lube advice in a non-sexual manner.

4. You know what a FARTLEK is.

5. A (insert animal) has chased you at least once.

(Okay maybe not this animal)

6. You leave early or don't drink as much on a Friday or Saturday night because you have a long run the next day and yet you actually run the races to go drink with the other runners afterwards.

7. You know what KT tape is for and have it in several colours to match your different running gear.

8. You understand the proper protocol to use the nod or small wave and you get that there is an appropriate look to give fellow runners when passing or being passed during training runs: Sympathetic, yet supportive.

9. You have attempted to coerce family, friends, acquaintances, even enemies into joining you as a runner. 

10. You can tell without trying whether you're on an incline or decline no matter how small.

11. You stop your Garmin or Fitbit at lights because it would impact your stats.

12. You won't go out in the rain or snow except for runs because you have a training schedule to keep.

13. You can't get up early. Ever. Except for run mornings.

14. You can have a 20 minute conversation on pace.

15. You planned hydration stops and breaks for long runs at least a week before and may have hidden water bottles along your route.

If you've answered yes to more than half of these, then odds are it's too late and you've become, or are well on your way to becoming "The Runner".  Don't worry though, there's a cure: Run more and find runner friends to talk to so that you can spare everyone else in your circle.

Good luck and enjoy all your miles!


  1. Your poor nipples! Do they have some kind of male running nipple bra to prevent that?! See I can tell I'm not a runner as I get half of those reasons. And one reason that sticks for not to run, is those sore nips!

    1. Thank you for the sympathy. After a lot of trial and error, I found band aids work best for me and I only use them for the longer runs. Please do not let my nipples cause you not to run. It really is a lot of fun and thanks for reading.

  2. Sounds like you're definitely "The Runner."

    1. Thanks Caleb. To the detriment of all my non-running friends and my poor wife. :)

  3. Running can become a minor obsession. We are a unique group. I use Nuun and Glide. Great post!

    1. Thanks Frank. It's funny how it just creeps up on you. I knew I was hooked after my first 10km race.