Sunday, February 22, 2015

Laura: The next chapter

I've always thought of my life as a book.

A novel.

Fiction or non-fiction, I'm not too sure.

Certainly not the best novel I've ever read, but good enough.

When I let my mind wander, my life events flash through my mind in peaks and valleys. They ascend and descend based on their perceived importance. Days, months, years can be divided up in to chapters often beginning with a major life event, and then dwindling into distant memories until the next chapter begins anew.

I can feel a new chapter beginning. In fact, I know it's happening right now. I can't help but write the story in my mind, predicting how the next few days, weeks, months will go. Jumping ahead to the goals that I set for myself and my family. I keep referring back to a chapter that began about 4 years ago. What started out as an attempt to lose a few pounds after having our second child, turned into the best year of our life together. A time when we were all happy. We were fit. We were a strong family. We made time for the important things.

This is where I want the next chapter of the story to go. Where I need it to go. Where we need it to go.

By saying this, I don't mean that we are in a bad place. We're not. For all intents and purposes life is good. We have a lovely home, big enough for a family of 5. We have secure jobs and steady income that allow us to live a comfortable life. We have 3 beautiful and healthy daughters who keep us on our toes. We have a loving marriage filled with respect.

Honestly, from outside looking in, we have it all.

But, let's face it. Who really has it all?
Isn't the grass always greener on the other side?

The suburban life is a perfect example. There is so much pressure to have the house, have the family, have the job. Once you have that, it begins again - renovate the house, grow the family, get the promotion. There's always something propelling you forward to reach these goals that are perpetually expected of you. It's not a bad thing. In fact, for most of my life, this is what I have striven for. This has been my reassurance that I was making the right decisions. Following the right path.

For the last 30 years I have maintained this forward momentum of success. My joy has come from reaching each goal and sharing them with my friends and family. Not to gloat of course - that's not who I am. But to share my pride and excitement - that's who I am.

I am a sharer.

This next chapter is about sharing. It's about making decisions that put our family above all else. It's about self-improvement and self-discovery. It's about taking back our health and fitness. It's about facing parenting challenges with patience and understanding. It's about making time for us, as individuals and as a couple. It's about pursuing passions.

It is certainly not about keeping up with the Jones.

I know that I can't foresee the future. I know that as hard as I try, the story is going to take twists and turns that I will not be able to predict or control. But, as I write this next part of my tale, I hope that my decisions will continue to be made with purpose and heart and that the twists and turns that lay ahead are full of gently learned life lessons and happy surprises.

Please feel free to read along with our story in real time. You're also welcome to skip back a few chapters and read our first blog, lalaland.

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